Learning Styles (Honey and Munford) - Automatic and Mobility Instruction

Learning Styles (Honey and Munford) - Automatic and Mobility Instruction

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Learning Styles (Honey and Munford)

Different people learn things in different ways. One person’s preferred way of learning can be completely different to another person’s preferred way. There are four different learning styles. Most people when they read the text below will be able to identify their own learning style. Which is your learning style?

Activists are people who learn by doing. They like mind maps, problem solving and role-play. They like jumping in at the deep end, are enthusiastic, look for new experiences and like to be the centre of attention.

Theorists are people who like to understand the theory behind the actions. They like models, background information and applying theories. They are logical, objective, systematic, analytical, think things through and are perfectionists.

Pragmatists are people who like to see how to put learning into practice in the real world. They like to experiment, like time to think about how to apply learning in reality, case studies and problem solving discussions. They look for practical applications, are down to earth people and are good are problem solvers.

Reflectors are people who learn by observing and thinking about what happened. They mustn’t be rushed and like to sit and think. They like self-analysis, time out observing activities, feedback from others and ‘chewing things over’. They are thoughtful, analytical, good listeners, adopt a low profile, put off doing things and are likely to procrastinate.

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