Meet the driving instructor - Automatic and Mobility Instruction

Meet the driving instructor - Automatic and Mobility Instruction

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Meet the driving instructor

My name is Lee Pollard. I specialize in giving driving instruction to people with disabilities, medical conditions and specific educational needs. I have been a qualified DVSA approved driving instructor since 1998. I began to teach disabled people in 1999. I cover the Sheffield and Rotherham area. I cover the following postcodes: S1 to S39, S43, S60 to S62 and S74. If you live outside this area and you want me to teach you, then you will need to travel to Sheffield by bus or train and I will meet you at the station to start your lesson.

Teaching style
I provide patient, friendly tuition to put you at your ease. I will structure a course of lessons for you using modern task-oriented teaching. Task-oriented teaching involves dividing up learning to drive into smaller, easier tasks. Learning this way means you do things one-step at a time, instead of learning everything at once. I also use client centred learning. This is the governments preferred way for driving instruction to be done, because it develops self-evaluation skills in learner drivers, which helps you to drive safely after passing your test. I can understand the different learning styles of different people and can adapt my teaching style to suit your specific requirements or condition. I have lots of experience of teaching nervous people to drive and people for whom English is their second language.

Specialist advice and instruction
If you have a disability, I can fit a variety of adaptations to the car to help you drive. On your first lesson I can carryout an
assessment to ascertain, which adaptations you will need. I have taught people to drive using most adaptations, including high tech controls and ring accelerators. I offer pass plus lessons for recently qualified drivers, who need to get cheaper car insurance. I offer refresher courses for qualified drivers, who are either; returning to driving after an accident, returning to driving after becoming disabled, new to driving in this country or just want lessons to improve their confidence. I offer familiarization lessons for qualified drivers, who are learning how to drive with adaptations.

I have taught people to drive with the following conditions
Spina bifida
Cerebral palsy
Hemiplegia and hemiparesis
Multiple sclerosis (MS)

Stiff person syndrome

Multi-system disorder
Chronic fatigue syndrome (ME)
Muscular dystrophy
Leg & spine injuries
Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA)
Brachial plexus / arm paralysis / erb’s palsy
Radial nerve palsy
Amputated limbs
Aperts syndrome
Beals syndrome
Klinesfelter’s syndrome
Ehlers-danlos syndrome
Learning difficulties
Head injuries
Benign essential tremor
Blind in one eye
Deafness and hard of hearing

Selective mutism

Asperger’s syndrome
Pathological demand avoidance syndrome (PDA)


Bipolar disorder

Adaptations available for use in my car
Lodgesons infrared keypad
Lodgesons ball shaped steering ball
Lodgesons lollipop shaped steering ball
Combined accelerator/brake/signal lever
Hand controls
Left foot gas pedal
Pedal extensions

False floor

Handbrake release lever
Indicator transfer and extension arms
Windscreen wiper transfer and extension arms
Panoramic mirror and blind spot mirrors

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Lee Pollard
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