Driving with specific educational needs for driving instructors - Automatic and Mobility Instruction

Driving with specific educational needs for driving instructors - Automatic and Mobility Instruction

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Driving with specific educational needs for driving instructors

Training courses

The course can be done either as a presentation in a room or as an online webcast-using zoom. When done as a presentation the course will be one session lasting three and a half hours, with a tea break half way through. When done as a webcast the course will be divided up into three sessions each less than an hour’s duration. Class sizes are usually limited to 20 people. After completion of the course a CPD certificate will be issued. There is a booklet to go with this course containing comprehensive notes. You will be sent a copy of this booklet before the course begins. You will need to have a printed copy of this in front of you during the sessions.

What is covered during the three sessions?
Session 1:

Learning styles.
Learning difficulty.

Session 2:

Mind Maps.

Session 3:

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
Special needs and the theory test.
Special needs and the practical test.
Things to consider when struggling to teach specific educational needs pupils.
Further help and training.

How much will it cost?

If you are an ADI association booking it for a group the cost is £150 when done as a presentation, £100 when done as an online webcast. For individual ADI booking it for themselves the cost is £20 per person.

How do I pay you?
Contact me to find out how to pay. You can use the contact details page. For webcasts I will send you a link along with a password, when you have paid.

How do I connect to the webcast?
You will need to view the webcast on a device with a screen larger than a mobile phone, such as a tablet, laptop or desktop computer. You will either need to download the zoom app or download 'zoom for client meetings' from this link:
Download zoom

After downloading it try it out to see how it works. For the best sound quality you need to use either earplugs or headphones and use it in a quiet room without background noise. Below are two videos showing you how zoom works.

Joining a zoom meeting
Meeting contols when using zoom
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