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Why learn in an automatic car?

It’s easier and quicker to learn in an automatic car. In an automatic you don’t have to changing gear or do clutch control, because the car will do it for you.
  • This may be necessary if the driver has no function or restricted function in their legs.
  • This may be necessary if the driver has only got use in one leg.
  • This may be necessary if the driver has only got function in one arm.
  • This is advantageous if the driver has poor physical co-ordination.

Automatics allow you to concentrate more on planning and looking for hazards. This is advantageous to drivers, whose condition has cognitive effects. Automatics are good for building confidence. This is advantageous as many people may be apprehensive about learning to drive. Automatics have only two pedals to operate. This is advantageous as it means that you are using one less limb to drive a car. You only need two limbs to drive an adapted automatic car. In a manual car you need four limbs. After 2030 all new cars will either be all electric or hybrid. After 2035 all new cars will be electric. Most hybrid cars are automatic. Electric cars have one gear no gearbox and no clutch. So, electric cars drive the same way as automatic cars. If manual cars aren’t going to be available soon, ask yourself what’s the point of learning in a manual car?

Gearstick and pedals (click on a photo to enlarge it)
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