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Theory test

What the theory test involves
The theory test comprises two parts: the question part and the hazard perception part. The theory test is taken on a computer. You must pass the theory test first before you can book the practical test.

What you will need
1) DDI theory test advice booklet. Click here to download this for free.
2) Know Your Traffic Signs. Click here to download this for free.
3) The Highway Code. Click here to download this for free.
4) DVSA Theory Test Kit For Car Drivers. If you need a voiceover to read out the questions, then the DVSA theory test kit is a good app. The voiceover is better than the Driving test success app, but the hazard perception part of this app only has a few clips.
5) Driving Test Success Theory Test 4 in1. The Driving test success app has lots of hazard perception videos, however the voiceover isn’t as good as the DVSA app. If you need a voiceover buy both. If not just driving test success app.

What help is available if I am struggling with the theory test?
The DDI theory test advice booklet contains details of the help available, when taking the theory test, if you have specific educational needs. I also do online theory test tutorials for pupils, usually on Saturdays.

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